Useful Digital Ocean console commands for Ghost droplet

I don't need to access my Digital Ocean droplet consoles very often, but when I do I usually find that I've forgotten some of the useful console commands, like how to safely restart a droplet.

The following list of commands is to save me from having to Google the answer each and every time I need it. I hope you can find it useful, too.

Restart droplet


Use – sudo shutdown -r now to attempt a graceful restart via the command line.


A forceful reboot should only be used if the droplet cannot be restarted from the command line. This may corrupt data.

From the droplet control panel:

  1. Select the Power tab
  2. Select the Power Cycle option

Restart Ghost

  1. sudo -i -u ghost-mgr
  2. cd /var/www/ghost
  3. ghost restart
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