£3,561 for a domain name

Yesterday, 123-reg emailed to let me know that the domain bengammon.com was available to buy for £3,561.

It made me laugh. What an absurd amount of money for a domain that is clearly a name. I can only assume that the word 'gammon' is on a list of product keywords that the domain registrar, GoDaddy, uses to set aside words/phrases that they believe to be more desirable for businesses?

Is GoDaddy hoping there's a Ben out there somewhere, ready to launch a delicious line of flavoured gammons?

I don't have much experience with dot com domains, so I have no idea if this 'valuation' is likely to decrease over time or not. This is a shame because anything up to £100 I would have been seriously tempted by.

Maybe I should email them and make them an offer...

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